We’re Different.

Wire Consult is a collective of qualified, creative professionals with a common goal and philosophy to deliver unique customer experiences.

Our Vision

For our work to travel through
word of mouth recognized as an agency
that goes the extra mile, and delivers on their promise.

Our Mission

To always be the best at what we do, offering quality at competitive prices.

We want to grow with our clients and that means caring about meeting their objectives, recommending strategies that work and creating campaigns that are holistic backed by keen attention to detail.

Our Services

“We do, what should come naturally to most agencies…put our hearts into our work, while not charging an arm and a leg.”


Every brand has a story, let us help you tell yours

Managing your brand’s presence and reputation is key to building and maintaining a relationship with your stakeholders and customers. This is effectively done through regular and well-planned communication.

Corporate Bio’s

Drafting a corporate vision & mission takes more than stringing a few sentences together. It is the lifeblood and ethos of your brand. We develop biographies and profiles for companies and individuals, written to the desired effect and purpose it’s required for.

Content Production

Thinking about content, more often than not, words and text comes to mind. However a good content plan recommends and adopts various forms of content to create an engaging mix of audio, visual, and written material.

Media Relations

An integral part of getting noticed, is being promoted and published in the right media channels. As important as it is to select the right channels, knowing what they are interested in, is equally important. We help take the guesswork out of the equation and reach out to our network to help you get your press release or announcement out to the right media reps in time.

Special Events

At times, nothing beats physical presence and human contact. Whether it is to showcase and demonstrate a product or service, or simply say thank you to business partners and clients, a special event may be just right for the occasion.


Improve rankings, get leads or stimulate dialogue. Digital is the vehicle, content is what drives it.

We’ve always been a believer in the power of digital marketing. But more so, content and story telling and its ability to change the way a brand is perceived. With a firm understand of digital dynamics, its pros and cons and ways that it can be used to promote and in some cases even become a business in its own right, we are confident of delivering a product that lives up to your brand potential.

Web Design & Development

Ah websites! The fundamentals of your online presence. Your company profile or shopping destination online, call it what you will. A good website will reflect your brand in a captivating and engaging manner, while working to get your business leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some say luck is all about being at the right place at the right time. Well it’s not all luck and you do have the opportunity to influence your success. With the right digital strategy, you can potentially be found at the time someone is looking for your product and/or service. Good SEO adopts a blend of onsite and offsite techniques to improve your ranking and help you get found online.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Similar to traditional channels, SEM takes care of promoting your business online through track-able and measurable methods, including “Email Marketing”, “Online Reputation Management”, “Retargeting”, “Geo-Targeting”, “Mobile Search Advertising”, “Keyword Researching for SERP Ads”, “Ads Content Writing”, “Video Marketing”, “Analytics Reporting”, etc. over and above “PPC / CPC / CPA” and “Paid text or display Advertising”.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…there are few who do not subscribe to at least 1 social media channel and post/share or like something everyday. These mediums offer powerful insights on consumer behavior as well as a platform to refer, critique or endorse things that interest them. Used correctly, firms can gather data, build dialogue and influence their audience through a subtle yet effective approach.


Because before love, comes attraction

Our creative capabilities are wide ranging from brand to product design, interiors and home-ware to marketing collateral. We help visualize your dream and even proactively explore organic concepts for Hotels, Restaurants, Spa and Retail Outlets, where we not only propose and market the brand identity, but reflect the concept across the entire user experience and interior design from start to finish.

Corporate Branding

It takes seconds to form an opinion about someone based on his or her appearance and body language.  The same is true of a brand and its tone of voice.  If your brand were a person- who would it be? Would it be bold or passive, a trendsetter or follower, wise and corporate, cool and compassionate? These are all questions to ask yourself when creating or updating your brand. We can help decipher through the noise, research and conceptualize a brand that captures the essence of your business and stands out from the crowd.

ATL Advertising

While we heavily recommend working with digital channels, we also do not neglect traditional mediums for brand awareness. With the right creative and messaging, you can assure that your brand is perceived correctly and gets your target audience’s attention.

BTL Advertising

Otherwise known as direct marketing, is a clever means of placement and reaching your audiences on a more personal level, with a relatively smaller budget than traditional advertising.

Exhibition & POS Design

Trade shows, exhibitions and promotion stands are a fantastic method of interacting with your target audience. More often, people who attend such events visit out of their own interest and are there either to study the market, make business relationships or a purchase. With the right stand design, you will not only attract your customer but also make them feel welcome and ensure they spend time at your stand without losing them to a competitor.

Our Approach.

“From the initial brief to the final product, we apply strategy and best practice to deliver quality results.”

1. Define Timeframe

Whatever your goal, we treat your marketing objectives like our own business, researching and formulating strategies that are practical and effective to achieve results.

2. Concept

Putting pen to paper and by visualizing your strategy, outcomes and expectations become clearer…as a dream turns into reality.

3. Execution

From a corporate identity that truly reflects your business, to a new retail concept, our team project manages and implements a 360 solution to give you peace of mind.

4. Measurement

No campaign is complete, without regular monitoring and measurement of performance. This helps a brand stay current and ahead of its competition.


“People will forget what you said
. People will forget what you did
. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”-


Maya Angelou

Contact Us.

Due to the service nature of our work and values, we operate out of satellite offices to keep our prices affordable and make time to visit our clients in person, at their convenience.

We also host regular coffee mornings at the Dubai World Trade Centre Club, to network with and learn more about our associates and guests.

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